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2018 Spring Newsletter

In this issue: 401k Rollover: Considering Your Options Dear Madame Francesca… Tell me some things about the new tax law that I don’t know from the incessant repetitive chatter. Signed, Fit To Burst  The Trust Company of Virginia expands into Tennessee TCV App: Introducing a new, convenient option for viewing your accounts.  

Why Fiduciary Standards Should Matter To You.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) new Fiduciary Rule is intended to address conflicts of interest that permeate the financial industry.  Although many of our peers have had to alter their business practices to comply with the rule, nothing will change here at The Trust Company of Virginia.  Find out what the new rule intends…

2017 Spring Newsletter

What Your Children In Their 30s And 40s Should Know About Wealth Preservation Are you preparing your beneficiaries for wealth? Trust funds are not always lost to divorce or reckless spending. More often than not, children are simply not educated in wealth preservation. Being a conscientious steward of wealth is a tremendous responsibility. Heirs in their…

2015 Spring Summer Newsletter

Meet Our Investment Team One of the core values of The Trust Company of Virginia is what we call “The Art of Partnership.” Focused exclusively on wealth management and guided solely by our one-on-one client centered approach, one of our major strengths is the close relationship we maintain with each client…