TCV Global Growth Portfolio

Investor Profile:

  • More aggressive investor
  • Longer time horizon
  • More focused on capital appreciation than income or principal preservation
  • May or may not pay dividends
  • Slightly higher risk tolerance compared with that of a value investor
  • Client must have a greater ability to deal with market fluctuations
  • Good for non-taxable accounts like IRAs


The newest member to our investment lineup, The TCV Global Growth strategy, has been created in order to provide long-term growth of capital through a portfolio of both actively managed and passively managed securities.  The idea behind this strategy is to provide an option for those clients who desire greater capital appreciation, are willing to take increased risks in their portfolio and tend to have longer investment time horizons. Emphasis is place on multi-capitalization and multi- style companies that are expected to grow at a faster rate in relation to the overall equity market.  The Growth Strategy  tends to focus on companies that are trading at higher valuations than the overall market, have higher earnings growth rates, typically don’t pay dividends and tend to exhibit a little more price movement than the broad market.  This portfolio’s make up is similar to our other strategies by using primarily the same asset allocation framework and asset class weightings.  Diversification is achieved by investing in Large Cap Growth, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Developed International Markets, Emerging Markets, Real Estate and Commodities.  Due to the nature of the growth investor, this strategy is a good vehicle in which to offer additional asset class positions in both Energy Infrastructure and Alternative asset classes.  The Global Growth Strategy tends to meet the goals of those investors who desire higher levels of capital appreciation, and are willing to take on additional risk in order to meet these objectives.