Equity Strategies

As equity manager, we place a strong emphasis on:

  • High quality companies with proven management
  • Companies geared toward capital appreciation as well as those focused on consistent dividend growth
  • Monitoring holdings regularly to meet valuation, price and risk criteria
  • Broadening our diversification through the use of Exchange Traded Funds or mutual funds to complement our large cap equity class with international, emerging markets, small and mid cap, real estate, commodities, energy infrastructure and alternative asset classes

TCV Global Value Equity Portfolio

A multi-cap, multi-style portfolio where approximately half is comprised of Large Cap Value oriented stocks. Capital appreciation is sought through diversification across a wide range of asset classes to include small and mid cap, international, real estate and commodities using exchange traded funds and mutual funds.

TCV Global Growth Equity Portfolio

A portfolio with a long term capital growth objective. Diversification enhances the Large Cap Growth portion by utilizing broad based asset classes including small and mid cap, developed and emerging markets as well as real estate and commodities through exchange traded funds and actively managed mutual funds.

TCV Core Strategy Equity Portfolio

A portfolio with broad based exposure across all of the S&P 500 sectors in addition to diversification in other asset classes which mirror our Global Strategies Portfolios. Returns are enhanced by sector and asset class selections and weightings.