2015 Spring Forum Luncheons

Every spring we have a number of Forums, usually luncheons, where we bring in speakers whom we hope will inform or amuse our clients in each of our locations.  Renee Norman, author of A Million Tiny Things, My Experience in Caregiving, gave touching and practical talks in Richmond and in Williamsburg about all the myriad details involved in caring for a loved one with a critical illness.

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Tulane Patterson gave an engaging talk in Lynchburg about the ramifications of living longer and how important planning is in ensuring a financially stable and healthy life – even if one lives to be 100 or older.

Roanoke College Professor Paul Hanstedt, author of Hong Konged, gave a fun talk on the “agonies and ecstasies” of travel at the Shenandoah Club in Roanoke.  Three representatives from Freeman’s Auction house gave a fun program on antique and jewelry appraisals in Northern Virginia.